“You are one of many Firstborns destined for the maddening discovery of the Tower of Sins and its obscure origins.”


Credit to Frederik Becker for all this art.


Tower of Sins is a 2D Action Platformer Metroidvania. Its fast-paced and responsive movement and combat systems provide a fair but challenging endeavour and a high skill ceiling that can house all your desires of mastery. The game takes place in the Tower that’s split into 7 distinct levels, each influenced by a Cardinal Sin. The discovery of the origins and the purpose of this ancient structure, as well as the exploration of its bowels, are the tasks of Firstborns, not by choice, but as a curse bestowed upon them at birth.

A Corrupted World

The world is plagued by chaos. Its people are morally Corrupt and divided into different cultures. The only commonality being the Tower of Sins as the centrepiece of their religion. As a ritual, each family sends their firstborn child into the tower when they turn 16. The origins of this tradition are unknown to everyone, but no one dares defy it. Our protagonist is one of these Firstborns. As they ascend, they will learn about the Warriors of Virtue, who served the world with their guidance, bringing balance to it. Also, the Corruption that took hold of the tower and cast it into disarray aeons ago.

The Tower's ancient purpose is to provide a self-explorational journey to whomever enters it. Before the Corruption, the Tower had trainers who provided the Firstborns with physical and spiritual guidance, whilst also keeping the Tower under control. Now the Firstborns must fend for themselves through a tower's worth of Corruption, pain and temptation.

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