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The catalyst for the events of Tower of Sins originates from the planet of Concordia. A thriving utopia, where artistic souls and calculated leaders lived in a seemingly perfect, but nonetheless fragile symbiosis: fulfilling each other’s desires of cultural value and ideal governance. The Universe they exist in holds onto a fine and fragile balance, called “Breath”. The Breath of the Universe is made up of the unbreakable bond between sin and virtue, and it provides the foundation for all life within it. Thus, all living beings are capable of harnessing both its virtuous and sinful elements. Though, no matter how much people meddle with it, the Universe will always return the components of its Breath to an equilibrium, making this balance the only constant in the world of Tower of Sins. In time, Concordia grew greedy, as their ceaseless yearning for more Breath remained unquenched, and the Universe punished them for their arrogance. Chaos engulfed their planet, turning their cities to ruin and forming their inhabitants into mindless monsters. By the end, there was merely a single Concordian left in existence. A young kid who helplessly witnessed the fall of their world and escaped with memories that would define their path moving forward.

This Concordian spent aeons seeking a worthy cause that might redeem them. On their search, they came across a civilisation of humans that reminded them of the long lost Concordians. Limitless potential, overshadowed by the flaws they developed while trying to achieve it. Here, the last Concordian found their calling in the moulding of a better future for humans., thus, becoming known only as the Sculptor. The Sculptor found humanity’s fault in their excessively sinful ways, which in turn drove the Sculptor to teach them in the ways of virtue. From the ground, they erupted enormous towers in the lands of the humans and invited the firstborn child of each family to enter. The Sculptor formed the towers as training grounds, where the Firstborns could be nurtured into righteous guides that might one day lead their people towards prosperity.

The Sculptor’s efforts were fruitful in the beginning, and they brought about an era of peace for humanity. However, achieving this came with the price of tampering with the Breath of humans, and in turn with the Breath of the Universe. Thus, while running from their past, the Sculptor drove history to repeat itself. Their meddling with Breath warranted a backlash from the Universe, leading to the downfall of a fragile peace, much like on Concordia. The tower they built was filled with corruption, humanity spiralled down into its old chaotic ways, and this is the landscape our protagonist finds themselves in the day they begin their ascension of the Tower of Sins.

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