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NanoHive Steam Launch

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

We are back with a spicy NanoHive update. This update will conclude the campaign mode of NanoHive. Explore the new worlds of the Lungs and Brain and save them from microbes. Enjoy the new beats from David Kolt, the new music guy! This update will also be released on steam. We hope you enjoy it!

You can play it for free on Steam or

New Features:

  • Added the following enemies:

    1. Snake which divides into sections when shot becomes multiple enemies.

    2. Snail which carries around a Void Hole.

    3. Acid enemy, which leaves around a temporary trail of acid.

    4. Small cancers.

    5. Cancer spawner.

  • Added a Final Boss.

  • Added a new Arena game mode.

    1. Survive endless waves of enemies.

  • Added milliseconds to leaderboards.

  • Added UI for the current Hive size.

  • Added credits button in the main menu.

  • Post-processing can now be disabled in Options.

  • Added more options at the end of the level screen.


  • Increased the size of Void Holes.

  • Increased the pull force of Void Holes.

  • Increased the dissolution speed of enemies.

  • Increased the range of Viruses.

  • Increased the speed of returning Nanobots.

  • Changed the parallax.

  • Changed the lights of Nanobots.

  • Lowered the transparency of exploding particles.

  • Nanobot snapping is now easier to land.

  • Changed the positions of minimaps to fixed ones.

  • Changed the enemy icons on minimaps.

  • Pixelart is no longer compressed for downloadable versions.

  • Clicking on the music and sound labels now mutes them.

  • Lowered the transition times for some animations.

  • The minimap mode is saved for the next level.

  • Changed the tutorial music.

  • Reworked the tutorial level.


  • Achievements are available only if the game is downloaded from Steam.

  • Added the following achievements:

    1. Rough Start

      1. Die 13 times on the tutorial map.

    2. They're Called Patients for a Reason

      1. Spend more than 15 minutes on a level.

    3. Placebo?

      1. Clear a level without infecting bacteria.

    4. NanoHive™ 2.0

      1. Beat a personal best time.

    5. Complete Remission

      1. Defeat brain cancer.

    6. The OPerator

      1. Reach 100 waves in arena mode.

    7. Precision Medicine

      1. Hit every enemy without missing a level.

    8. Rapid Response

      1. Boost 164 times.

    9. Maximum Efficacy

      1. Grow your hive to the maximum size.

    10. Maximum Efficiency

      1. Clear a level while having 9 or fewer nanobots.

  • Added 4 Hidden Achievements.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed a bug where the game wouldn't render properly on some monitors for WebGL.

  • Fixed a Nanobot scaling bug around Void Holes.

If you encounter any bugs, feel free to let us know on our Discord server.

Thank you for playing!

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