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NanoHive Update 3

Third update has arrived. First of all, thank you to everyone who played, and participated in Viborg Game Exposition, and This update we heavily focused on the overhaul of the menus, optimization and new mechanics. We hope you will like them!

You can play it here on your browser for free, at NanoHive (

New features:

  • Added a snapping mechanic when Nanobots are shot next to enemies.

  • Added a new shooting mechanic which splits aiming from moving.

    1. Shoot Nanobots without changing the direction of the Hive by holding the Right-Click mouse button.

  • Added some small shake-screen when shooting a Nanobot.

  • Added an animation of the Hive leaving the syringe needle.

  • Added a tutorial map.

  • Added a new main menu.

  • Added a better level selector.

  • Added options in the main menu.

    1. Adjust the music, sounds and the resolution of the game.

  • Added new custom backgrounds for each level (except tutorial).

    1. Each background is dedicated to one organ in the human body.

  • Added background parallax.

  • Added new health indicators for bacteria.

  • Added 3 keyboard controls.

    1. Press R to restart the map.

    2. Press P to pause the game.

    3. Press TAB to toggle the minimap.

  • Added the following particles:

    1. Blood cells.

    2. Nanobot dying explosion.

    3. Hive dying explosion.

    4. Enemies getting hit.

  • Added the following sounds:

    1. Hospital ambience.

    2. Slow breathing ambience.

    3. Heart beat.

    4. Nanobot reloading.

    5. Nanobots dying in Acid.

    6. Nanobots on Flowing Blood.


  • Reworked Map 1 and Map 3.

    1. Made them way smaller.

  • Increased Hives movement speed by 33%.

  • Increased Hives booster speed by 50%.

  • Increased Nanobot return speed by 50%.

  • Increased Nanobot reload speed by 33%.

  • Nanobots that are returning to the Hive don't have a collider anymore.

  • Increased Bacteria death speed by !00%.

  • Dead Bacteria and Viruses are now transparent.

  • Bacteria now dissolve with each hit the take.

  • Bacteria collider is now disabled when it's dead.

  • Small and medium Bacteria will now try to kill the Hive regardless of its size.

  • Removed the mailing list from the main menu.

  • Changed the UI of the following menus:

    1. Pause menu.

    2. Winning menu.

    3. Losing menu.

  • Changed the font of the game.

  • Changed the mouse cursor.

  • Camera doesn't zoom in anymore when shooting at an enemy.

  • Changed the zoomed in minimap as the default option.

  • Changed the entrance of all levels to look more like a syringe.

  • Changed the texture of all tiles to look more like cell formations.

  • Music now loops better.

  • Changed the following sounds:

    1. Bacteria getting hit.

    2. Bacteria and Virus dying.

    3. Nanobot boosting.

    4. Nanobot shooting.

    5. Nanobot returning.

    6. Nanobot dying.

    7. Void Hole attraction.


  • WebGL build runs smoother than before.

    1. For the best experience, we still recommend the downloadable versions.

  • Bacteria don't move anymore when you don't see them.

  • Pixelart looks cleaner.


  • Reseted the scores for all maps.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed a bug where boosted Nanobots wouldn't disappear.

  • Fixed a bug where the Hive would be permanently boosted.

  • Fixed a bug where Nanobots would go into reload mode if no enemies were hit.

  • Fixed a bug where returning Nanobots wouldn't change their size if they escaped the Void Hole.

  • Fixed a bug where reloading and returning Nanobots wouldn't get caught by the Void Hole.

  • Fixed a bug where the camera would sometimes shake if the Hive would stand still.

  • Fixed gaps appearing between tiles.

If you encounter any bugs, feel free to let us know in the Itch comments or on our Discord server.

We hope you enjoy the new features and changes of NanoHive! We have big plans for future updates, such as a cancer boss fight, more levels, and a level creation tool!

Thank you for playing!

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