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NanoHive Update 2

NanoHive Update 2

The second update of NanoHive is here! Below there will be detailed lists of the features and changes we have made for this update. We hope you like them!

New features:

  • Added a new map, with new types of bacteria and viruses.

  • The Hive can gain a speed boost from sacrificing Nanorobots.

  1. Sometimes The Hive can feel a bit slow, especially when you have a lot of Nanorobots. We are giving you more mobility at the cost of Nanorobots.

  2. Right-click to boost. You can keep boosting to gain more speed.

  • Added Flowing Blood, which speeds up The Hive in one direction.

  1. This environmental element adds more mobility to the game and can open up more interesting scenarios.

  2. Flowing Blood will be added in Map 3.

  • Added Void Hole, a hole that attracts everything towards it, including enemies, killing them once they reach the center.

  1. Yet another environmental element that adds more challenge to the game.

  2. Void Holes will be added in Map 2 and Map 3.

  • Nanorobots that are too far away from The Hive are now killed.

  • Bacteria, Viruses, Nanorobots and Acids now use NormalMaps.

  1. Before:

  1. After:

  • Added Minimaps.

  1. In case you missed a Bacteria or a Virus, you can now double check the Minimap to locate them immediately.

  2. Press TAB or MB2 (mouse button 2) to enable, and zoom in the Minimap.

  • Added Pause screen.

  • Added Discord button in the Main Menu for our server.

  1. Feel free to join.

  • Added Mailing list in the Main Menu.

  1. Submit your email to subscribe to the EmptyBox newsletter.

  • Added sounds for Menu buttons.

  • Added new music for all levels.

  • Added end of level stats.

  1. Level completion time.

  2. Number of Nanorobots when completing the level.

  3. Number of maximum Nanorobots you had in the level.

  • Added leaderboards for all levels.

  1. Submit your name at the end of the level to be part of an online leaderboard.

  • Added epilepsy warning.


  • Yellow Bacteria have new animations.

  • Changed and added new shapes of the Acid tiles.

  1. We didn’t have a lot of creative options with the old Acid shapes, and they were placed just randomly around the maps. Now they are placed in a way which makes a bit more sense, which makes evading them a bit more difficult.

  • Made the floor of Map 2 darker for better bacteria visibility.

  • Reworked Map 2 Acid spots and added Void Holes.

  • Reworked Map 1 Acid spots.

  • Lowered music volume.

  1. We will soon be making a volume slider for FX and music.

  • Rebalanced Map 1.

  • Rebalanced Map 2.

  • Decreased the brightness of The Hive.

  • Changed the light emitted by The Hive from purple to white.

  • Made a shield sprite for the Nanorobots when they are leaving and returning to The Hive.

Fixed bugs:

  • The cursor is no longer below the UI.

  • The cursor is smoother.

  • Fixed a bug where the number would rotate with the Yellow Bacteria.

  • Fixed the camera zoom not working properly.

  • Floor tiles no longer have a border.

  1. Before:

  1. After:

If you encounter any bugs, make sure to let us know in the Itch comments or on our Discord server.

We hope you enjoy the new additions to NanoHive. We will continue to work on another update that will feature a final boss with new maps, secret rooms, new sounds, improved bacteria behaviour and more!

Thank you for playing!

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