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Empty Box was founded in Aalborg, Denmark by 4 full-time lovers of games and part-time students of Computer Science. Now, with our school days behind us, we are pouring our hearts and souls into our first long-term, commercial project, Tower of Sins. It’s been a rocky road so far, but each step makes us more and more determined to deliver a meaningful experience that is worth remembering. We hope you’ll join us for the ride and that someday others will cherish this game as much as we do.


Our mailbox has been rather dry and boring lately so feel free to contact us with whatever you feel like through our contact form or the email below:

The Team

Empty Box Adam

Adam Badura

Marketing Lead / Programmer

Adam likes people and games and usually can not shut up thus getting the role of Marketing Lead. His tasks include miscellaneous programming tasks and talking to strangers. 


Kyle Misko


Kyle is a composer, sound designer & producer with possibly enough passion for the entire world. Having worked on over 20 titles and many different music genres in the past few years, Kyle is now a versatile and solid video game composer ready to bring memorable tunes, a professional approach and his sincere energy onto our team as well.

Empty Box Andrei

Andrei-Catalin Mataoanu

Lead Level Designer / Programmer / Mr. NanoHive

Making games has been Andrei’s passion since the beginning of time as we know it. Using his 20+ years of hardcore gaming experience and his godly imagination, he became THE level designer of the team. He can also do a cool trick with his fingers.


Mikkel Rasmussen

Sound Design Intern

Mikkel is our Sound Design intern, who has a habit of removing his hair without notice. His girlfriend hates him for it. He likes nodding during meetings to pretend he’s listening. In reality, he’s in great pain, suffering from the poor sound quality and thoughts about his future of being unemployed.


Bence Imre Kiss

Programming Intern

Bence is a Game Progamer. That’s not a typo, as he is the best gamer ever to live[citation needed]. He likes gameplay programming and is obsessed with writing readable code. His main tasks are whatever Radu tells him to do. He also tries way too hard to be funny for his intro and fails spectacularly in the process.

Empty Box Radu

Radu-Constantin Matusa

Producer / Programmer

Radu is one of the first four. He likes gameplay programming, and telling people what to do, hence the producer role. Making games and obsessing over details are his two favourite activities. His biggest regret is giving some people the opportunity to write their own personal descriptions.

Empty Box Tomi

Tomi  Faludi

Creative Director

Tomi is a Programmer turned Writer and the beneficiary of a blessing consisting of some of the more sorrowful responsibilities of a Lead Game Designer. He assumes this is what being a Creative Director might feel like. He helped found Empty Box as an escape from the monotony of college and the terror of the job market. However, his quest for free expression proved futile, as his Producer won’t even give him enough words for this intr...

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